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Nephrology is a very complex subject to understand

Nephrology is a very complex subject to understand, but at the same time very important to know and implement its principle. Ideally, Nephrologists should have sound knowledge of medicine as once kidney problems / failure starts then it has implications on the entire body and all systems get affected.
Also, as the number of Diabetics and Hypertensive patients are increasing, the more number of kidney failure patients are seen. And as an increase in Sr.Creatinine / Azotemia various other problems come up, this can be cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, ophthalmic and many others. So it has become very important for all of us to know about our kidney functions and protect them.
If you are diabetic, hypertensive or age more than 40 years, check regularly your kidney function and if any problem get help from your Doctor / Nephrologist.
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